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It can be tough for families to navigate big systems, especially in large school districts where children are often treated like numbers instead of unique individuals with the potential to shape the future. We understand that the laws surrounding education can be confusing, and that is why we are here to help. We specialize in navigating the complexities of Individual Education Plans (IEP) and 504 accommodations for children with special needs. Our mission is to ensure that every child is given the educational experience they are entitled to under the law, to relieve parents of the burden of understanding and enforcing these rights, and to enhance the educational landscape for students, parents, and teachers alike.


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Understanding your child's educational rights should not be costly. We offer free initial consultations, and if your IEP case qualifies, you will not have to pay anything for our services. *The law mandates that, in most IEP cases, the school district will cover our attorney's fees, so you can save your limited resources for your children who need them the most.


Schools receive millions of dollars annually to provide IEP accommodations to children, and they are required by law to use those funds to assist children! Our objective is to ensure that your child receives appropriate care and that the federal funds designated for your children are utilized for that purpose. We work with you and your school to ensure your child gets the educational support they deserve.


Our support extends beyond just students, we also aim to assist teachers who are often faced with various challenges. We address bureaucratic school systems that prioritize their rigid procedures over the well-being of their students. At all times, we believe that education should be directed by parents and supported by the community - a principle we uphold in every case.


We support education rights and tools that encourage creativity, innovation, and individuality. Our legal team is highly qualified and dedicated to advocating for parents and their children. Many of our attorneys and paralegals are either parents of children with special needs or were once students with disabilities or disadvantages, which helps them empathize with the struggles you and your child may face.





Client's Feedback:

After several wonderful years in an inclusive pre-kindergarten program, we were excited for our son’s transition to kindergarten at our zoned school. We had meticulously crafted his IEP with his loving and supportive teachers and were hoping for more of the same as his elementary years began. It quickly was made apparent to us that our child was not welcomed at the school in the way we had hoped. At every turn, every meeting, they pushed back and tried to push us out. After violating his federal rights and changing his placement against our wishes, our amazing advocate recommended we file due process. The attorneys at IEP Defenders were understanding, sympathetic, compassionate and fair. The team was always available when needed, open to feedback, always took our concerns into consideration and supported us through the stressful process of going up against one of the largest school districts in the nation. Our team was able to uphold our wishes and get our child the placement and service hours he deserved. The legal fees were completely covered by the settlement agreement, which was a huge relief to our family, especially during that stressful time. We will be using IEP Defenders for all of our future educational legal needs.  

-Tahnee F.

Location: Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada

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